Al Mubarak perfumes Est
Founded in 1431 H_ 2010.
 Member of the Chamber of Commerce .. Our location east of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia _ Al-Ahsa _ Almbaraz city north of Hofuf city.
 Al-Ahsa ... as mentioned in the history books ... Its name is Dilmun - Hajjar - characterized by the perfume trade and the incense industry (formerly known as the Land of Hager ... Bahrain), which extends from Basra to Amman, ...

Characterized by the global trade between the countries of East Asia, the Mediterranean basin and South Africa or so-called (Silk Road) _ ..

The fine incense was prepared and manufactured locally and exported to neighboring countries.

Al Mabarak Perfumes .. A Saudi registered company .. We offer the service of sales and shipping through our store and the Internet, and aim to deal with the leading companies in the perfume industry and tools .. Most of them have a certificate of quality management and based on the principle of communication that we go, to provide you through this site A wide range of products with different guarantees and direct door service.
Thus ensuring the customer to get the best service with high quality and professionalism.
All transactions and requests made through paytaps are subject to the site agreement,
Customer support staff will provide all forms of support before and after the order entry process.
If you have any questions, complaints or comments, please feel free to use our Contact Us link. Our customer service staff will assist you or bring the matter to the attention of the Department in the event of a complaint. .

Our vision

To be a leading institution in providing the best services and selling the best natural perfumes products, manufactured and improved to the customers at the lowest possible price.

Our Mission

Enriching society culturally, scientifically and culturally.
Partnership with the community through continuous development.
Providing high quality products and services.

rate us
the Truthfulness and honesty .
Performance efficiency.
Transparency and clarity.
Customer satisfaction is our goal.
Responsibility and sincerity.
 Commitment to original values ​​and customs.

We are Al Mubarak Trading Est
Founded in 1431 H_ 2010.

  Member of the Chamber of Commerce .. Our location east of Saudi Arabia Al-Ahsa _ Almbaraz city north of Hofuf city.
We were known by the brand name (Shaza Hajar Perfumes).
Are committed
.. Providing all kinds of perfume .. We care about quality in the display of products.
We are committed to providing the best products to the taste of our distinguished customers.
Our goal is to excel in marketing ..
Supervises the marketing and sales of our store .. Institute of National Entrepreneurship .. One of the official institutes of technical and technical colleges Al-Ahsa branch.

 The Foundation has received financial support, a soft loan in partnership and sponsorship from the management of the National Entrepreneurship Institute

Under the direct supervision of the Human Resources Development Fund.

And managed by the Social Development Bank

A sign maroof as the golden bar .. Documentation of our website from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, as well as the electronic sales license and the Golden Pen Document for the Commercial Register.

Title :

 Al - Mubarak Perfumes Est

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al-Ahsa - Al-Mubarz

Telephone number

  Mobile: 0509916759

 Whatsapp: 0581217170


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