Privacy policy

 You may not violate privacy laws or use false e-mail or other impersonation.

:Electronic Communications

Communication through the site is done by text messages and telephone calls are not subject to legal value unless they are written

The site is entitled to use the communication data in the advertising, advertisement of the site and special offers.

 We ensure that no type of customer data is sold to any other company or organization.

The Site reserves the right to change or modify the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

It also guarantees privacy to the user and does not share his data. Please review the terms and conditions regularly on each use.

Data such as (country, city, gender, etc.) are collected for website development and products.

Data will be delivered to third parties only if necessary as shipping companies to complete the shipping process or if requested by government regulators.

The website does not maintain your banking data, but is processed by the bank or the representative company of the bank as agreed.

We do not take any responsibility if the subscriber uses the password incorrectly.